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Missouri State Board of Cosmetology License Renewal

Whether you have been a cosmetologists for decades, for only a few years, or have let your license lapse and want to get back into the career you loved; there are a few steps you are going to have to take in order to complete your cosmetology license renewal in Missouri.

Fill out a New […]

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Introducing L’Oréal Professionnel to TSPA St. Louis!

Recently, here at The Salon Professional Academy St. Louis, we have premiered the use of L’Oréal Professionnel’s product line. We wanted to take a minute and explain why we are so excited about this new addition to our school and why you should be excited too!
Why We Love L’Oréal
At our school, we aim to provide […]

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5 Times The Grinch™ Inspired Our New Year’s Resolutions

Well, folks, it’s that time a year again where we are all scrambling to find at least one resolution to make for the new year. Of course, there’s the obvious go-to Pinterest board to find some goals but we decided to think outside of the box when seeking out inspiration. This year, we wanted to […]

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What It’s Really Like to Work in a Salon

Once you have completed your beauty school journey, the next step for a lot of newly grads is starting work in a salon. Whether it’s booth rental or commission there are some things that people don’t tell you about the next step in your life plan. So, we are here to tell you what it’s […]

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What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

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The Definitive Guide to Hairstylist’s Lingo

Each profession has its jargon, slang, and terms. Hairstylists, hair designers, and colorists aren’t an exception! If you have ever heard any of these terms, you can now define them using our cosmetology dictionary. You might have to take this to your next appointment if you want to keep up!

Definition: The color of literally every […]

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10 Hairstyles That Will Scare Your Pants Off

Styles come and go. While we hope some styles stick around forever, like leggings, others just need to disappear. Here are a few retro styles that we hope never make a fashion appearance again. Ever.

Business in the front, party in the back, and bad all over. The mullet was never a good style. We truly […]

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Your Halloween Spirit Animal: Quiz!

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Our favorite sassy-haired “Strandless Femmes”

We have to give it up for Millie Bobby Brown; the courageous 12-year-old not only shaved her head for a role on the new series, Stranger Things, she tweeted a full video of it to share with the world! Watch it now and see why it sparked a flame under our obsession with short hair.

Millie […]

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Why choose TSPA St. Louis Esthetics Program?

What is an Esthetician?
Esthetics is a profession with endless opportunities and exciting career paths, but what exactly is an esthetician and what exactly do they do?

The field of esthetics refers to the professional study and maintenance of skincare on the face and body. An esthetician can also be defined as a person who is knowledgeable […]

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