Ready for 2018? Here Are the Trends to Watch For!

2017 is slowly ticking to a close. As it prepares to leave us with memories of Blorange hair, glitter parts, and neon lipstick other amazing trends are waiting in line to take their place.

While we may not have a crystal ball that can tell us what the biggest hit of 2018 may be, we do […]

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On The Edge. A Look Back At The Winners of the Longest Running Live Hair Competition.

In the mid 1950’s L’Oréal Professional Hair products began a competition that would go on to spark imaginations and push the lines of hair style for the next sixty (plus!) years. As the first on stage hair competition, finalists put the finishing touches on unique, edgy, and mind-blowing looks before the model walks the runway, […]

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Ready To Test Your Skincare Knowledge?

Think you have the skincare knowledge it takes to pass? Only true masters will be able to get 100% on this challenging quiz. Let us know how you did in the comments! Learn more about skincare in our esthetics program here!

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Amazing Senior Pictures to Inspire

If you are a high school senior, chances are you are getting ready to take your senior portraits.
Senior portraits have a long time standing as being a right of passage, a milestone that will forever stand as a visual representation of this monumental transition in your life.
Sounds a little intimidating doesn’t it?
That’s okay. If reading […]

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Our favorite sassy-haired “Strandless Femmes”

We have to give it up for Millie Bobby Brown; the courageous 12-year-old not only shaved her head for a role on the new series, Stranger Things, she tweeted a full video of it to share with the world! Watch it now and see why it sparked a flame under our obsession with short hair.

Millie […]

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Why choose TSPA St. Louis Esthetics Program?

What is an Esthetician?
Esthetics is a profession with endless opportunities and exciting career paths, but what exactly is an esthetician and what exactly do they do?

The field of esthetics refers to the professional study and maintenance of skincare on the face and body. An esthetician can also be defined as a person who is knowledgeable […]

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