Student Policies

These policies are important to your success at The Academy and are a condition of your enrollment.  Your attitude must be positive to attract guests and friends.  Demonstrate maturity and tolerance in the handling of difficult people and situations.  Be pleasant and smile!


Subjects being taught are reviewed and built upon constantly.  If you don’t understand a subject, seek help from an educator.  Our goal is to assist your learning.  Your goal is to learn as much as you can.  Learning and memorizing are not the same.  Learning means you take what is covered into your thinking and can use it.  Memorizing is short term and will not last.


Students are required to follow the Apparel Code.

Personal Services

Students in good standing will receive a monthly student service voucher when on the salon floor.

Conduct In Salon Area

Choose your words carefully.  Swearing and other improper language is not tolerated.  A professional does not complain or gossip.  Do not gather at or behind the reception desk, in the salon area or around a station where another student is working with a guest.  Students will be under the supervision of educators at all times.  Always get an educator’s consultation before you proceed with guest services.  Breaks and lunch times are scheduled by the educator. Please do not leave the building or go on break before the scheduled time without the educator’s approval. A tardy will be given for clocking out/taking lunch before the scheduled time.

Phones, Cell Phones, & Purses

Students may not use The Academy phones for personal calls. Cell phone use is restricted to the lounge or outside on breaks or lunch periods.  Turn your cell phone off when you arrive at school and store it in your locker. Purses/bags are not allowed in the classroom or salon area for the safety of personal items. Please bring books, pens/pencils, and notebook only into class rooms. Other supplies needed should be kept in a locker until an educator has instructed that is needed.

Absences and Tardiness

Be prompt!  If you are tardy, report to a salon area educator before entering class or the salon area.  Absences must be reported by 9:00 a.m. Monday – Saturday.  You must speak to an educator or employee of the school to report an absence.  Students should not plan to leave school except for meal breaks.  If a student leaves early without an excused request off form, it will be marked as an unexcused absence in attendance. Special and emergency time off must be granted by an educator.  If you are absent the day of an exam, you will take the test the following day. Exams can be taken in advance for a planned and excused absence.

Attendance Policy

**Applies to all students.

1.  When a student misses two or more days unexcused in one month an educator will talk to the student about commitment to the program and be documented.

2.  When a student is absent two or more unexcused days in a second month (not consecutive) the student will be suspended for one day and be documented.

3.  When a student is absent two or more unexcused days in a third month (not consecutive) the student may be dropped from the program and be documented.

Excused absences include:

1.  Illness of student or student’s child with doctor’s excuse

2.  Funeral with program from service

3.  Car accident with police report

4.  Doctor visits for non-illness appointments require a doctor’s note. (Examples: medical, dental, vision, pregnancy)

5.  Maternity leave or complications of pregnancy

Other absences may be excused if requested at least seven days in advance, and the student

has an 85% grade average, 85% attendance, NO tardies, NO unexcused absences, NO suspensions, NO disciplinary actions, AND makes up all work missed.  (See absence request form.)

Please remember that taking time off may put you over your contracted graduation date and result in additional charges and may hurt your chances of receiving financial aid if you are not making satisfactory progress.

A student will be suspended for one school day after the student has been tardy three times in one month.

No call no show on a Saturday salon area day will result in a suspension dayFurther tardiness may result in being dropped from the program. Make up hours will be determined by an educator and dedicated to a specific day.

Suspension days accrued during foundations will be assigned upon entering salon area schedule.

Care of Texts, Kits, and Equipment

Your texts and kits are provided. Kit items are to remain in the school until graduation.  If an item is lost or broken, replace it promptly.  An educator will order replacements for you at cost.  Borrowing is not allowed.  Lockers are provided to protect your professional tools.  Your text books are your personal, professional library.  Write notes in them to aid your learning.  Keep your work area (classroom or styling area) clean and neat at all times.  Clean up all work spaces after using them.  You will be responsible for sanitation duties daily.  These duties must be checked by an educator before leaving each day.  School equipment is not to leave the school at any time.


A library is provided for your use.  You may use the library during the day.  See an educator to take them home over night.  They must be returned the next day.


School hours are assigned by the program taken.  Your schedule is part of your enrollment agreement and is subject to change.  School holidays include New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  A student may be sent home for all or part of a day for rule breaking.  The electronic scanner time clock keeps your hours record in minutes.  Even one minute late is a tardy!


If you are a smoker, please smoke outside away from the door.  Smoker’s sanitations will be required.


Each student will use a locker to store personal items and be provided a lock and key.  Lost keys will be replaced by the student. The Locks and keys are to be returned with the locker cleaned out on a student’s last day. There is a $20 fee for lost locks and/ unreturned locks.


All training must be completed with an 85% average.  Any student who does not earn this average will be placed on suspension. See SAP Policy.


The Academy admits students without regard to race, age, sex, gender, sexual preference, creed, religion, color, citizenship, national origin, or ethnic origin.


Incompletes are given only at the discretion of the educators and when the student is making every attempt to learn a skill or subject but requires additional time to complete the work successfully.  Educator discretion will be used in determining how long the student will have to complete the work.

Inadequate Grades

When a student is deficient in one or more areas of study or skill, the educators will determine what period of time the student will have to complete the work satisfactorily.  The student will be informed immediately after a grading period how a deficiency can be corrected.  The student will be advised of progress during the grading period.


If a student is not at an 85% grade average or attendance average after each section of training, the student may be placed on probation in order to raise the grade average or improve the attendance average.

Suspension / Dismissal

Students may be suspended/dismissed for poor performance, absence, tardiness, inappropriate behavior and any refusal to follow TSPA policies.  If a student is suspended, the student will be advised about what the student must do to correct the problem.  It is the intent of the school to prepare professional people for a career.  Employers ask about attitude, attendance and levels. Students may be sent home or suspended when not following school policies.
Property removed from the Academy without authorization is considered theft and will not be tolerated.  Falsifying documents, appointment schedules, service tickets, or records of the Academy is also considered theft and may result in dismissal from the program.

Student may be dismissed if that student commits any of the following crime of harassment if:
1. (s)he knowingly
2. (s)he does any of the following:
a. Communicates a treat to commit a felony to another person and in so doing frightens,
intimidates, or causes emotional distress to such other person;
b. Communicates with another person and uses coarse language offensive to one of
average sensibility and thereby puts such person in reasonable apprehension of offensive physical contact; OR
c. Frightens , intimidates, or causes emotional distress to another person by
making an anonymous phone call or any electronic communication; or
d. Makes repeated unwanted communication to another person.
Students may be dismissed if that student commits the crime of third degree assault if (class A misdemeanor)(s)he:

1. a. attempts to cause physical injury,
b. causes physical injury
i.  recklessly; or
ii  with criminal negligence using a deadly weapon; or
iii (s)he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death or serious
physical injury to another person.
c. knowingly causes physical contact with an incapacitated would consider offensive or
A person also commits third degree assault if (class C misdemeanor) (s)he:
2. a. purposely places another person in apprehension of immediate physical injury; or
b. knowingly causes physical contact knowing the other person will regard it as offensive or
3.  A person who has plead guilty to or been found guilty of the crime of assault in the third
degree more than two times against any family or household member as definedin section
455.010, is guilt6y of a class D.

All suspensions and dismissals will be determined by the discretion of the staff at The Salon Professional Academy.

Food and Beverages

Please keep all eating in the break room and stored in a locker or the refrigerator.  Any items left in the break room area will be removed at the end of each day. Items in the refrigerator will be removed at the end of each week. Beverages in closed bottles or with a lid are only allowed in the classroom during theory.  No beverages or food are allowed at styling stations.


Public display of affection has a tendency to create unfavorable impressions and attitudes toward the school and individuals involved.  Students are requested to use good judgment and avoid the embarrassment of having fellow students and/or staff of The Salon Professional Academy make formal complaints that could result in suspension/dismissal from the program for the students involved.

Parking Area

Please park away from the building. Use the last 3 rows towards the highway. This leaves room for our guests to park close by and walk into the school.


When a class is being held in any room of the school, it is important that class not be interrupted.  Please stay in the classroom or salon area where you are assigned for the day.  Do not roam about interrupting other students in training.

Educator in Charge

When you are working on practical skills either in the classroom or the salon area, please work with the educator who has responsibility of that area.

School Closing

Go to KSDK T.V. station or on line for school closing report due to weather.